Manage Your Boss, Manage Yourself.

Scrappy strategies for staying in the fight and advancing your career.

Dr. Jeffrey Litwin

President of Litwin Consulting, LLC | Author

Dr. Litwin is the President of Litwin Consulting, LLC.. Coaching executives and high potential individuals are his passion. As a coach and mentor, he helps senior and junior executives, fast-tracking entrepreneurs, and successful family business owners and heirs achieve their personal and professional goals while taking more control of their lives.

Dr. Litwin’s strengths include corporate turnarounds, managing different cultures, acquisitions, increasing the pre-sale value of companies, working with family businesses, and mentoring, hiring and developing management teams.

Dr. Jeffrey Litwin

Corporate Streetfighter

How to Excel in Business and Life Using Brains, Cunning, and Finesse

Corporate streetfighting is about getting off the ropes in your career, taking the heat, and fighting for what you want to achieve, no matter what obstacles are in your way. To become a Corporate Streetfighter, you must master two core skills: managing your boss, and managing yourself. Are you ready to get up off the asphalt and come out swinging in pursuit of your career goals?

The Way of the Corporate Streetfighter

Why Hire a Coach?

Even if you are great at what you do, coaching can make you just a little bit better. And, being even a little bit better can translate into an exponential difference in your success. The world’s greatest athletes all have coaches and they are the best in the world. All of us should continue to learn throughout our lives. We will never be the best we can be if we stand still while progress marches on.

A self-described Corporate Streetfighter himself, Dr. Litwin​’s coaching methods are designed to give professionals on every wrung of the corporate ladder strategies for overcoming the obstacles in their way and achieving what they want in their careers and life.

Whether you’re a first-year manager or next in line to be the CEO, you can benefit from lessons in grit, determination, and self-management. Jeff’s workshops are fun, engaging, and transformative experiences that give you the tools you need to shake off losing some battles and stay in the fight until you win the war and living the life you deserve.

What Kind of Boss Do You Have?

Whether you feel great about the relationship you have with your boss or you’re noticing a few too many red flags for comfort, this quick assessment can help you quantify that relationship and give you a helpful checklist to work through while you consider what you need from your boss—or what kind of boss you should be!

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