Dr. Jeffrey Litwin | President of Litwin Consulting | Author

Corporate Streetfighter™

Dr. Jeffrey Litwin is the President of Litwin Consulting, LLC. where he works with corporate, operations and sales executives. He teaches them how to build successful teams and how to improve their presentations to high-level executives and boards of directors. Prior to starting his own firm, Jeff served as a CEO and COO for public and private companies where he was instrumental in several multi-billion dollar sales. His journey from a physician to an executive involved in over 30 acquisitions is detailed in Corporate Streetfighter.

While Jeff has been involved in varied industries across regions, he has developed a specialty for integrating American businesses with those based in Germany and Japan. His methods highlight the importance of understanding the culture of both the country the business is located in as well as the business itself. This has enabled him to create many successful enterprises globally.

Currently, Jeff’s mentorship allows high-potential executives to manage up, develop better teams, increase productivity, bolster their bottom lines, and improve their personal lives in the process.

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