Corporate Streetfighter™

How to Excel in Business and Life Using Brains, Cunning, and Finesse

Manage your boss,
manage yourself,
manage your career.

Become a Corporate Streetfighter™ and become the hero of your own story

Corporate streetfighting is about learning the ropes of your career, taking the heat, and fighting for what you want to achieve, no matter what obstacles are in your way.

Many of us perceive those obstacles as put there by a “bad boss”. It can be a suffocating feeling, like someone trying to choke the life out of you. But, your boss has reached that position due to past accomplishments and establishing a good relationship is the best way to advance your career. Corporate Streetfighter™ is written to give you and millions like you the right jiu jitsu move to escape the chokehold and start building the career of your dreams.

To become a Corporate Streetfighter™, one must master two core skills: managing your boss, and managing yourself. Managing your boss isn’t about some usurpation of power, but rather taking control of the relationship.

If you’ve ever been married, you know trying to change people is a fool’s errand. Trying to change your boss is no different. But, if you can manage the relationship, set realistic expectations, and establish healthy boundaries, you can reduce your stress at work, and ultimately receive more recognition for the good work you do. This book gives you a method for doing just that while presenting behaviors and strategies for changing yourself that can put you on the fast track to promotions, raises, and the life you want to lead.

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A great guide for navigating the corporate environment — from an entry level to CEO. Dr. Litwin distills his decades of success in corporate America into an entertaining combination of memoir and handbook. His personal story serves as a backdrop in which he leaves the reader with brief, focused and useful steps they can implement for success climbing the corporate ladder. The book also contains a great summary as well as tools to which the reader can refer long after the initial read.

Corporate Streetfighter is an excellent book full of insights that anyone, regardless of where they are in their career, can benefit from. The book emphasizes a long term, strategic mindset about work for the purposes of achieving your primary career objectives. Dr. Litwin provides lots of practical guidance on how to navigate some of the most frustrating day-to-day-obstacles, both internal and external. It’s written in a clear, easy to follow format and all of the material is backed up by personal anecdotes from Dr. Litwin himself.

Dr. Litwin clearly and concisely outlines practical tips for excelling in the corporate arena. He combines concrete advice for dealing with difficult bosses and championing projects with actual stories from his years as an employee, COO and CEO making this book relatable and a useful resource.

Do you want to be in control of your corporate career? If you do, this book is required reading. Written by someone who made it to the top, Corporate Streetfighter shows you how to take control by giving you the tools and strategies to manage your boss and manage yourself. Corporate Streetfighter is filled with best practices on how to excel at work including how to get negotiate greater pay and get the promotions you deserve.

I have read a lot of leadership books and this one takes the cake. It is well written with a very creative approach. I recommend this book to anyone who is trying to climb the corporate ladder whether entry level or exec.